Article: Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Article: Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Quality – 5.0

Sound – 4.5

Comfort – 4.5

Compatibility – 4.0

Software – 4.5

Battery – 5.0


I bought these mainly because I’m a huge Logitech fan.  I’ve owned lots of their stuff and never really had any problems with any of them.  I couldn’t find a pair locally to listen to, so I had to take a chance on if I would like the way they sound.  I watched the price for a few months before I caught it on a great sale of $99 new from amazon.  Retail is $199 and average price on Amazon was between the $140-retail price, so $99 was a steal.  I got them a couple days later (thank you Amazon Prime) and put them on the charger.  The outsides of the ear pieces are held on magnetically and pop off easily, the left holds the wireless dongle, the right holds the replaceable rechargeable battery.  The dongle is about the size of a large thumb drive, but that’s not much of a pro/con.  I do really love the fact that the battery is replaceable, +1 for Logitech, now my expensive headset won’t be out of date in a year because the battery doesn’t hold a good charge.  Amazon has replacement batteries for around the $20 range, great price in my opinion to keep a nice headset going for hopefully years.

But how do they sound?  My ears love them.  Very clean sound, great low end frequency response, bass is definitely there, but not overbearing.  I personally use them for everything (except times when I’m being active).  I first tested them with some music and was more than impressed with how clear everything was.  Movies are just as clear, almost more enjoyable than my home theater system (which needs updating).  I’ve only played a few games so far, mainly Fallout 4 and Starcraft 2, but of which I had no problems hearing what was going on, or the direction they were coming from.  These aren’t a true 5.1 surround sound, it’s emulated through software to the single driver for each ear, but very well done.

As far as comfort goes I have worn these for hours at a time and have had no discomfort.  I’ve at times forgot I was wearing them.  The top and ear cushions are very soft and are a nice feel on the skin.  They do have a little weight to them, but once on my head I haven’t noticed it.  Some people have complained about them sliding off the back of their head.  I have never experienced this, my guess is it’s probably how you wear them.  I have noticed a little creaking in the headphones when I turn my head, but I’m thinking that’s just the new plastic flexing and will go away over time.  The buttons are pretty easy to use once you’ve learned where they are and have a little muscle memory.  The volume wheel is the easiest to find and I just move my finger up from their for the others.  It took me a couple tries to fold the Mic down the first time because I couldn’t find it, but I love the fact it’s practically hidden when not in use.  These don’t have the best noise-cancelling though.  If my fiance is watching TV in the same room I have to turn the volume up a notch or two to compensate, not a deal breaker though but something that could be improved on.

My biggest gripe on this headset is that it doesn’t have bluetooth.  I mainly use these at a PC, so 90% of the time it’s not a big deal, but I would love to be able to use these with my phone without having to get the headphone jack adaptor cable out.  They do have the best compatibility over most other headsets I looked at.  They will work with any device with a headphone jack, and computer with a usb port, you can even use them with or without the internal amplifier turned on.  This means that if your battery dies, you can plug in the headphone jack and keep listening.  I am getting over 8 hours of listening time easily on a single charge.  The USB dongle also has a female headphone jack on it that you can use as an input.  When plugged into a PC, you can listen to 2 devices at once.  I also tested it with a usb wall charger and it worked as a plain wireless dongle with just my phone plugged into it.  The compatibility on this headset is great, the bluetooth would have made it perfect though.

Lastly I want to talk about the software.  I’ve been really impressed with the Logitech software in general.  Since I have a bunch of other Logitech devices already installed on my PC, I did not have to install anything for the headset, it just detected them and added them into my list of Logitech devices.  There are a few things you can do while in the software, change the led colors, adjust the surround and equalizer and change the G buttons function if you like.  A final cool thing though is you don’t even need the software to use them (Win 7+ that I’ve used).  I’ve used these on my work laptop which never had the Logitech software installed.  They still sound great, I was even able to use them on a Skype conference call with the mic with no issues.

With the only cons being the noise-cancelling and the lack of bluetooth, you can’t go wrong.  These weren’t deal breakers for me.  I’m loving this headset, the comfort, sound and quality are everything I expect from Logitech.  I highly recommend them for anybody that is looking for a quality set that won’t completely break the bank.  Definitely watch the prices on this set, they change all the time on Amazon.


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