Article: Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

Article: Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

Logitech G602 Mouse Review


Quality – 5.0

Sound – N/A

Comfort – 4.5

Compatibility – 5.0

Software – 4.5

Battery – 5.0

Retail Price $79.99


Can be found on sale in the $40 range quite often

Buy on Amazon here –


After building my gaming machine I started looking into upgrading my peripherals.  First I got the Logitech G13 (I reviewed this earlier) and was in the market for a nicer mouse.  I prefer wireless because I like a little less cable clutter on my desk and I can always feel the little bit of drag from the cable.  This is just my personal preference, most gamers prefer wired mice because there is less latency in the mouse signal.  I’m not what I would consider a “hardcore gamer” so I was ok with a wireless compromise to fit my preference.  Logitech does consider this mouse a “gaming” mouse, but it all depends on who you talk to.  It meets all of my expectations so that’s all that matters to me.

I do have a couple small gripes with this mouse, nothing major, but things I’ve experienced myself.  First off, the placement of the batteries in the device offset the weight and make it back heavy.  This is my first time really experiencing how weight can affect gaming.  Most of the mice I’ve used in the past were pretty light so the amount of grip I needed to keep the mouse from tipping front to back was minimal.  This mouse has more weight, and a lot of it is in the back towards my palm.  I grip the bottom of the mouse with my thumb and pinky fingers about dead center between the front and back of the mouse, with all the weight in the back and the little amount of grip I’ve been used to with other mice I found that the back of mouse wouldn’t lift off my mousepad, but the front would.  I have since adjusted my grip and I don’t notice the mouse tilting like I use to.  I did find out while I was writing this article that you can remove one of the AA batteries in the mouse to equal out the weight more.  I tested it out and it does keep the mouse much more level, so if you don’t care for the back end weight, just remove one of the batteries.

My only other gripe with this mouse is the rubber grip that Logitech used, I wish it was a little stickier.  I have a MK520 keyboard/mouse combo and that mouse almost sticks to my fingers.   My thumb and pinky fingers never slip when lifting the mouse up.  I wish Logitech had used that rubber on the sides of this G602 mouse to make up for the added weight you have to lift so you fingers don’t slip as much.

Now onto the good stuff.  This mouse is very comfortable,  I have slightly shorter fingers than I feel the average is, so finger reach is always a thought for me.  I have no issues reaching any of the buttons on this mouse.  I love the placement of all of the buttons, it’s intuitive, which really helps so you don’t have to keep looking down to figure out what side key you have your thumb on.  The scroll wheel is smooth, the rubber grip is just enough that it doesn’t slip under your finger, and it’s weighted nicely if you want to flick it to scroll faster.  There are 2 DPI buttons that you can use to adjust the your mouse’s sensitivity up or down, 6 side buttons that are 100% programmable using Logitech’s software and a switch below the scroll wheel to put the mouse in “performance” or “endurance” modes.  Endurance mode will obviously help the batteries last longer, Logitech claims up to 1440 hours, as per the 250 hours in performance mode.  I haven’t had a need to use mine in “performance” mode and after 4 months I am still on the batteries that came with the mouse in the package.  No complaints on battery life.

The software is another part of this mouse and other Logitech hardware that shines.  If you’ve followed my other reviews you know I have a bunch of Logitech stuff already.  The software autodetected my mouse and added it into the software so I could configure it how I wanted.  The DPI is configurable with a slide bar and you can set multiple points, I believe I have 3 setup on mine that I can change through if needed depending on the application or game on the fly.  The programmable buttons are the coolest part I think and because I have the Logitech G13 gamepad, it makes them even better.  The Logitech software allows you to create button profiles for any game or application you want.  In conjunction with my G13 gamepad, I can change the function of my mouse buttons on the fly.  For example, in Windows my side buttons act as cut, copy and paste, but if I switch the profile to Fallout 4, they change function and open doors, select different weapons, or bring up my Pip-boy.  The software brings out the best in this mouse and other Logitech hardware, it allows my peripherals to work together and almost interact as opposed to being separately configurable devices.

All in all, I love this mouse, it’s comfortable for hours of use, extremely functional with easily programmable buttons, and has great battery life.  I don’t think I could ask for much more in a mouse.


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